Burning Man Edition

The haiga contained within this first edition of Haiga Magazine were all created by me during the week of Burning Man 2022 as I watched the live stream from the Playa. The haiku and senryu were written by me that week and the images were all made using an artificial intelligence art generating program known as MidJourney. I've gathered 28 of the Burning Man related haiga from my Flickr and used them as illustrations for articles I wrote about Burning Man over on Medium. I thought they would work well for the first episode of Haiga, which contains all of the articles and even more. In the spirit of the Second Principle, Gifting, there is no charge for Haiga Magazine. Please download it, read it online, and share with anyone you think may enjoy it.

Haiga Vol.1: The Burning Man Edition

Table of Contents

The Ten Principles of Burning Man

After the Burn

Tears on the Playa (magazine only)

Proverbs of Burning Man

Contains 28 original Haiga by Winston Everlast

The flipbook version of the magazine is imbedded below if you. Simply click on the on the bottom right corner to open it for reading. Or click here to be taken to a larger version on the Heyzin website which is a lot easier to read!

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Second Life virtual version is now available in-world here