Haiga Magazine


Welcome to Haiga Magazine. Haiga are the merging of the Japanese poetic forms of haiku or senryū and an image inspired or derived from the poem. The art form was made popular by the 18th Century Japanese poet and painter Yosa Buson. If you'd like to learn more about haiga, please click here.

The haiga contained within this second edition of Haiga Magazine were all created by me using my haiku and senryu and an artificial intelligence art generating program known as MidJourney. Please download it, read it online, and share with anyone you think may enjoy it.

Thank you for your time. I know it is precious and very limited.


Issue 2: October 2022

Haiga Vol.2

Table of Contents

How to Be Happy

3 Lessons in Art

In the Beginning

Words of Wisdom

Contains 33 original Haiga by Winston Everlast

Free downloadable .pdf

Second Life version coming soon!